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March 9, 2018 | scribe: hosp-fellowship
    what does one picture in one's imagination when someone talks about a "royal" + "priesthood"? what if we define that as "a set-apart nation" of "way-showers" on a mission under a "will" to do their "(abba)father's business" here on earth as it is in heaven? Will one react with programmed aversion from the "belief" this writer is talking of "fake-a** christianity" (Mark Passio's excellent presentation), and if this writer denies the label "christian" and rejects the idea of "church" will one believe this one is talking "new age bullsh*t" (aka "streetwise spirituality")? and what if this one can prove that the only "gnosticism" one needs is "christ and him crucified"?
    [NOTE: if one sees a word in "quotes" it is to tip the reader this is a "fluff" word (see: Tyranny of Words ) requiring definition for best understanding. If its a "word" then best source for defining it for this article is 1828 Noah Webster, which goes to the "bible" first for meaning; and for any (legal) "term" one recommends any "law dictionary" before 1900 - e.g. 1856 Bouvier's Law dictionary ]
    its been a long "earth trek" for some, and for this writer it started in the late 1980's down this "narrow path" toward the "light". started with 10 yrs of guided independent study of both biblical eschatology & theonomy and civil/common law. during that time worked couple years for an international radio ministry as a research assistant, publishing designer and built their initial web presence back in the mid 1990s. Then came many years operating ministry thru (and creating) private trusts doing "private banking" as well as help establish several not-for-profit "missions" (i.e. corporations sole) under the (USC-508) 'exceptions' for R&D, educational and religious "purposes". around this time was when the "redemption for value" craze started in early 2000 after 4 years in the Jural Society / Ecclesia movement starting in 1986 with Randy Lee and John Quade (i.e. actor and "research fellow" for R.J. Rushdoony's Chalcedon.edu of the "christian reconstruction" movement.). but for 18 years since then there have been many lessons learned after running down many legal rabbit trails - e.g. during this time much focus was on commercial, securitization & banking law with a special focus on suretyship/bonding and studied enough "Gilbert Law Summaries" and related books to probably score well on the LSATs . but then a major shift began around 2010 when Christian Walters (CW) started his NTT group focused on "trusts" and "equity"— which later became "Kingdom of God with Eyes of Equity" talkshoe before he passed. after further study with other students of CW, along came Marcus' "Servant King" Confusion & Unravelling presentations (& private webinars). from parts of these last two a harmonization of the 'best of' both was possible for inspiring a new "eureka" breakthrough moment which has resulted in 3 years of private, weekly group teachings (starting with a 120 page "living heir workbook, vol.1" and a vol. 2 on "kingdom banking" almost done). [NOTE: I share this simply to forego many questions re "what about what so-and-so is teaching"-type questions. which I used to do, on a consulting analysis, but no longer waste time on such activity anymore. ]
    so why publish a blog now? what if its simply to leave something behind before "breaking on thru to the other side"? what if it is part of one's "vocation" as "way-shower" to leave a parable for those willing to "seek out a matter", and develop one's "spiritual discernment" with "eyes to see"? or simply shining a "light" in the darkness to "illuminate" a "possibility" for coming out of this present "darkness" for those who've been called? or to offer a "New Vision for a Third Position"? e.g. NV3P site opens with:
    what if the solution is simple, and does not cost anything?
* be not one…of those who're sureties for debts. (ref)
* the borrower is servant to the lender. (ref)
* and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (ref)
* you have sold yourselves for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money. (ref)
    simple put: only after one's "eye becomes single" and after much "PUBLIC" deprogramming and re-discovery of what others have found after applying the "7 Liberating Arts and Sciences" will there be an "eye to see" how "the world will be judged with righteousness, and the people with equity."
    which brings us back to where we started: what is the "royal priesthood"? and how does one come out of the "bankrupt traditions of one's forefathers" to walk the "narrow path" that leads to "life" and "life more abundant"? who hasn't grown up in said "bankrupt traditions", and come out of the many "religious" mutated/cancerous belief systems, so one can think outside of "commerce" (i.e. the PUBLIC administration of "Church" and "State")? who knows of any "better way" than the first century "way-shower" from 2,000 yrs ago? who else can prove a "specie" of "payment" that redeems all bankruptcy without money, and is higher than "gold or silver"? is it not lucky there was a purchase by this "heir of all things" who was a "testator of a better covenant" so one has the opportunity to "get out" of (redeemed from) said "bankrupt traditions" and get (born new) into a new "way"? yet, where is the road-map in this present age of 'awakening' out of the 1st stage (aka "victimhood")?
    what if the beginning is summarized here in the "key to the kingdom"? (1 page pdf)
     if one chooses to walk "the way" for doing abba's will, then the "will" defines the way for an "adoption as sons" and a "new birth" out of "all those dead in adam" to become "alive" in the 2nd adam - i.e. the "son of man". wouldn't it be great to become "civilly dead" and "born new" into "sonship" with the owner of all things? consider the parable of prodigal son. if one truly desires to become "sons" of this owner, then wouldn't the "will" show one how? e.g. isn't one characteristic of sonship defined in the so-called "lord's prayer"? are the sons not known by their "acts" and "deeds"— i.e. doing the "royal" duty as "peacemakers" for seeing abba's kingdom come… here on earth as it is in heaven…?
    how can one learn how not to think like a bankrupt, if all one was ever taught came from one's bankrupt traditions from one's forefathers? if said parents are solely responsible for showing one the way one should go… who else can one blame but oneself if one didn't "verify" if these things were true? what if going along with the bankrupt PUBLIC "citizenship" resulted in one being sold the biggest of "big lies" that has the effect (if one goes along with it) of one gifting away an inheritance for a "mess" of liabilities (duties) by abandonment thru a voluntary indenture servitude? (maxim is: one who takes the benefit owes the duty)
    but before one can ask: "how can that be?" wouldn't the first step before making a new choice (going in a new direction) start by correctly defining the TWO different choices? If one has no idea there is another choice, how can one ever choose something different? without an accurate definition of the differences, how can a choice for change be possible? (this, along with other useful principles/parables, are illustrated (in part) by the excellent book: U.S.ofA. vs. U.S. - Loss of Legal Memory of the American State)
    how can this begin without starting with definitions (i.e. the 1st step of the trivium—the 3-fold path for arriving at truth)? see: resources for the Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, useful to the Peace Revolution curriculum: "7 Liberating Arts and Sciences"
    what progress has one made sorting out all the contradictions of bablyon (confusion caused by PUBLIC EDUCATION)? or at least coming out of the double-mindedness caused by co-mingling "PUBLIC" with "private" thinking?
    e.g. how much work has one done separating what's PUBLIC vs "private"? or "statutes" vs "trusts"? "natural law" vs. "divine law"? between "lawful" vs "equitable"? private american vs kingdom of heaven citizenship? "citizenship" vs "membership"?, "citizenship" vs sonship? "implied" vs "expressed" (trust)? between old covenant administration (Rom 13:1-7) vs new covenant admin (Rom 13:8-10) under the one (singular) "authority/lawgiver?
    or what about governed from without vs governed from within? …between "commerce"(war) vs "peace"? "implied" vs "expressed" (trust)? "general" vs "special deposit", "suretyship" for another's debt vs suretyship to end debt? "exemption" vs "exception"? "authority" vs "priority", "claim" vs "acceptance"? "legal title" vs "equitable title"? "imperfect title" vs "perfected title"? "title" vs "deed"?
    how many more are there? "voluntary slave" vs "bondman"? "living man" vs "redeemed son of man"? "property" vs "things"? "petitioner" vs "complainant"? "lawsuit" vs "bill in equity", "contract" vs "trust"? "ward" vs "self-governing"? "decedent" vs "living spirit"? "discharge"/"offset" vs "payment"? "attorney" vs "counselor"? "exclude" vs "include"?, "endorsement" vs "indorsement"? "signature in blank" vs "restricted signature", "power of attorney" vs "private appointment"? "envoy" vs "embasssador"?… or even "acceptance for value" vs "grantee (deed) of acceptance"? "gift" vs (special deposit) "grant"? …to name a few…
    isn't the best hope for anyone begin with learning how to take 100% total responsibility and commit to manifesting change? some say it may be too late for them, but anyone seeking better answers can (when one "seeks the kingdom first… then all these other things will be added unto you"— that's the value learned of a "promise" "in trust"). only after one learns there is no "salvation" thru politics, nor in being a critic of the voluntary system of servitude, can one come out of victimhood. and only then will one find the wisdom to wonder what's the point of complaining and pointing fingers when one has 3 more pointing back at oneself? there is no "evil conspiracy" of "them and they" doing anything to anyone because there is "just us people here" (as Marcus would say) volunteering into everything, ignorantly, and with reckless abandon all in the name of "survival." blessings come from what "fulfills law" (i.e. right-doing/ righteousness/ equity), and curses/ judgments(restitution-duty) come from "transgressing the law" - such is "natural law". (but good news in the maxim: mistake can be corrected at any time)
    the royal priesthood is a "ministry of reconciliation", with the authority to heal the "members" of the "body", and today there is much work to do. starting with learning the "secrets of the kingdom"— taught in private, told in parable, and to remain "set-apart" (holy) from the profane (common); not for the respecting of "persons", but to preserve an "un-comingled" separation to honor free-will, diversity of choice. remember the promise:
    "all will arrive"… one way, or another… eventually.
    this, probably, is enough to get most started forward on the path out of the present "world order" and "get into" a private, special relation as "foreign" "peacemakers" with "private appointment" out from under "governors and tutors". what else can be said at this point, except may blessings be upon all, in the hope some decide: "enough is enough, time to change" and say the "lost word" —"no"— to "business as usual" (aka "its just the way it is", "what everyone knows", or "can't fight city hall") … with a never give up drive for "always reforming" with a sense of "duty of care" out of an (agape) "love" born in equity.
    … and may such reformation never end.
    * — for a partial glimpse toward "redemption without money" — see "Born in Equity" (starting at July 19, 2016 to present)
    ** What Is The Ecclesia? Is it a Church? Is it a Cult? Is it Important? by Ben Williams. defining words is the crucial factor that many people never consider. Some purposely ignore it. Because of this, millions of people have missed the true meaning of the "ecclesia. And, because they have missed this meaning, they now find themselves unwittingly in support of an institution the early Christians despised. https://benwilliamslibrary.com/what_ecclesia.htm
    what's with all lower case writing style? see:
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