paradise restored: rehabilitation of (PTSD) post-traumatic slavery disorder thru separation from church & state

April 1, 2018 | scribe: hosp-fellowship
    what is one's vision of "paradise"? would one look to the bible idea of a "garden of eden"? what is the "priority" and standard of "right-doing" over "wrong-doing"? what is the equitable solution for paradise restored? would one really want "paradise restored" if it means separation from both "church" and "state"? or at least willing to investigate why one's potential PTSlaveryD may cause one to f.e.a.r. (false evidence appearing real) this as an extreme?
    this writer was introduced to a "revelation" for how the "days of vengeance" ended a slavery to law (added because of man's first breach of trust of the "original (special deposit) grant" of paradise from man's creator). interesting how the prophetic revelation of the "end" was a return to "paradise restored."
    how could this new beginning re-program a new culture? why did the modern unholy neo-pharisee forces chose today, Ēostre, as the singular reason that defeated calendar reform in the 1930s? some thoughts to consider from: "Declare the end of time and shift from fear to love, change the calendar!"
    "…the old time of violence and separation (is) encoded in an irregular and chaotic calendar… the Babylonians destroyed…the calendar which contained knowledge of the solar orbit. by destroying this knowledge they also destroyed the basis of cosmic perceptions… keep in mind that the destruction of mayan time knowledge was completed by a Vatican calendar reform in 1582 which gave us the (Gregorian) calendar we use today."
    "a calendar is a programming device… the major instrument giving the society that uses it its total look and feel. any standard of measure that is irregular, flawed and systematically improbable when used over any period of time will produce corrupt or crooked thinking… (according to the erroneous Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock)… who owns your time owns your mind. Change your time and you change your mind. Change your mind and you change your world."
unholy trinity
    can "restoration" be accomplished by only tearing down the (church & state) system? if not, then what will replace the existing "religion", "money" and "government" models? what if these alternatives are not in "churchianity", but within a "way" of being "set-apart", "trustworthy", and "self- governing" as a new surety-source for zeroing debt by applying a "payment" higher than "gold" and higher than the (empty) "bankrupt traditions of our forefathers"?
    the bankrupt traditions of the present neo-pharisee institutional (old covenant inspired) church-state system has kept the finished work of "the christ" (i.e. a different "child") from fully manifesting the "kingdom of heaven" here on earth. (i.e. as set-apart "members of one body" of "called out ones" organized in an ecclesiastical way… see: "what is the ecclesia?")
    what "money" alternative? why should love not be the "currency of 21st century" (i.e. as in what fulfills an obligation)? what other reason is there for "money" except to facilitate commerce, and wasn't commerce a symptom of "slavery" -- i.e. as in the original "curse" for transgression after the fall out of paradise? has one truly calculated the "high cost of working for money?" as the author describes: "hell exists because we created it from a desire for money and we maintain it by not seeing any other way than life with money. Money cannot and has never created anything, people do through our doing, labouring. Money does not sustain life."
    so is "exodus from hell" part of the solution to money? can one understand the solution to money by unravelling the confusion of money? and how can one understand money without 1st understanding the "legalized crime of banking" with a "dictionary of banking" to unravel it all? will one then understand why the author of "love is the currency of the 21st century" could write: "yes, there will be an end of the economic system, along with everything else we know, because we are the ones who will end it… and everything will shift, very soon; as soon as we shift. commerce will end, when we quit playing the game"?
the bride of uncle samuelstein
    where should a way-showing people start helping those who're called to "come out and be separate from" the unclean, empty and bankrupt "unholy-trinity"? if the neo-pharisee priestcraft of "churchianity" is hiding the "key to the kingdom" to create division and prevent people entering a "kingdom of heaven on earth", then shouldn't one show a way of transitioning them out of the 10% (old covenant) tithe and into the 100% (new covenant) model? what exactly does that mean? in simplest terms:
    what if one did "all things in the name" of the "heir of all things"? making him beneficiary of 100% of one's labor which results in "putting all things under his feet"? and wasn't this "son of man", a second adam, a new creation of god + man? and being "born again" in the image of this "son of man" make us likewise a "new creation?" and isn't "civil death" to the "old man of sin" (adam) our "jubilee" (redemption) out of "hell" of all debt from the curses of the "old covenant" law added because of the 1st breach of trust? and thus wouldn't such jubilee be our entrance into an eternal sabbath rest (from commerce) in a "new heavens & new earth" (administration) here on earth, as it is in heaven where "righteousness" (equity) dwells? wouldn't that not be a paradise restored?
    if one isn't leading oneself, than who will lead into this paradise restored if we don't pray for our leaders with a "clear conscience and desire to live honorably in every way?" what if two or more prayed in the christ's (yahuwah-shua's) name", with intent to bind on earth as it is in heaven, and with complete trust in our promising keeping covenant maker's ability to move the hearts of men any way the one wished? would one then be surprised at a miracle of neo-pharisees responding to the call to come out of, un-incorporate their "church" business and surrender their 501c3 tax exemption license from the state? not for the purpose of continuing their church business, but to work themselves out of a "job" thru: transitioning not only themselves, but also their congregations, into the 100% tithe of new covenant jubilee sabbath rest in a paradise restored? such true evidence of "awakening" and reformation has been seen in this author's experience (18yrs now) and hope to be part of many more. it is not only a present possibility, but a duplicatable one. (a few definitions and starting (imperfect) references church-leaders need to know about Gov't, taxation and more importantly… a new vision for re-forming mutual-aid community).
    if we are not just tearing down, but about building anew… then wouldn't re-imagining community include a plan for "disciplining" a leadership for developing a way (and means) for helping those desiring to "come out"? in the spirit of, not forsaking meeting together in community, but "loving one's neighbor as oneself" could this be a possible alternative goal for these newly liberated "churches" out of bondage to their "state" incorporation, license(s) and banking-debts? who better, than those who are already with the mandate to "shepherd (love) his sheep?" e.g. it would be a short path for re-training such into "bearing their brother's burdens" (perhaps even assume "guardianship" over the "disabled's / incompetent's" estate?) to carrying out their "authority to heal" and "disciple" those who've living under PTSD from birth over generations of indentured servitude to the "unholy-trinity"?
    in conclusion, what then of the people suffering from a trans-generational (PTSlaveryD) - i.e. post-traumatic slavery disorder? where can the healing begin for those who've never known anything but the empty traditions of their fathers? african-americans may have a longer run of PTSlaveryD, but after the involuntary slaves were freed by the (2nd) 13th amendment, everyone else was moved into slavery (by simple word changes) into (volunteers) thru an indentured servitude on the "global plantation" run by the unholy trinity's commerce system. as Dr. Omar Reid put it: "to change the effects of PTSlaveryD, one must first understand the cumulative toxic effects of the trauma and then develop the necessary skills to be completely free of the disorder." moving forward toward that goal this set-apart, way-shower's mission is to build community for cult-deprogramming (out of ultimate evil of order following), detoxification of the prodigal lost sheep from "wines (idolatry) of babylon", and rehabilitation and discipleship into new life.
pax cultura    postscript: why the "roerich peace pact?" "Where there is peace, there is culture. Where there is culture, there is peace." (Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947)… why not a "flag" but a "banner of peace?" 1st from a military view by colonel A.E. Mahon, D.S.O.: "if the Banner of Peace is not practical from a military point of view then the Red Cross is also not practical, but the Red Cross has been proved to be the practical, therefore, as Euclid would say, Q.E.D."
    "a powerful universal symbol …to serve as an emblem for the desire of human culture to rise above war. This flag has been flown globally, as a sign of peace and culture, since the 1930's.
    The Pact states, "educational, artistic, and scientific institutions… shall be protected and respected by the belligerents… without any discrimination as to the state allegiance of any particular institution or mission… these missions may display a distinctive flag (the Banner of Peace)… which will entitle them to special protection and respect…" Thus any site of cultural activity around the world can fly the Banner of Peace to declare itself neutral, independent of combatant forces, and protected by international treaty.
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